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About Us

Good Neighbours is a drop-in mission new to the Scarborough neighbourhood! Come visit us at 193 Markham Road, near Markham and Eglinton.
Our home base and affiliate is St. John The Compassionate Mission, located near Broadview and Queen. St. John’s has been serving the marginalized and those in need for the past thirty years.
Beginning in 1986, we opened the Mission drop-in in Riverdale. Since then, many of the families and individuals we knew left the downtown core and moved to Scarborough. We realized that Scarborough was becoming an area of great need with very few social services.
In 2016, we opened a new location location in Scarborough on Danforth Road and Eglinton East. It was in this new site that we learned of the closure of the Scarborough Red Cross Drop-In. After consultation with the Scarborough Red Cross, we decided to move near to the location they were leaving. Our new home has inherited some of the regulars from the Scarborough Red Cross, but also new people.
We follow the ‘Rule’ of the Mission. In Scarborough, Good Neighbours is part of the Apostolate of the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese.
As with our affiliate missions, we wish to create a beautiful and inclusive place where families with children, and others who visit, can experience belonging and peace. All are welcome!

Our Team

P. Roberto was born in the Congo, grew up in South Africa, and later moved to Italy, the USA, Spain, France and for the last thirty-two years has been serving with St. John’s Mission in Toronto, which he founded. Presently, he serves as Executive Director of the Mission and Good Neighbours. His hope is to find someday the perfect café in Scarborough.

Brother Luke (Gary) is originally from Chatham, lives in our community house and is a member of the community of the Brothers of Mercy, a community inspired by St. Elizabeth of Moscow. He loves theatre, literature, gardening, music, art and working with youth. He always thinks outside any box you can imagine. Our hope is that someday he will learn to cook biryani! He is the Prior (Director) of the drop-in.

Cassandra grew up near our new location in Scarborough. She loves working with youth and families. Imaginative and creative, she is behind a lot of the programs at Good Neighbours. She has been involved with the Mission for almost ten years and is in charge of our diaper and free formula program.

Brother Sebastian was born in India, and now lives in Scarborough. Before coming to Canada, he lived and worked in the Middle East as a corporate executive in the hospitality industry. His search for God, meaning and community brought to him to St. John’s in 2014 and he became a Brother of Mercy. He is the Cellar of the drop-in, and is in charge of all the practical and financial aspects of our community.

Connie is our first ever volunteer who came to us when the Scarborough Red Cross Drop-In closed. She is very devoted to her work and kind even in the most frustrating situations.

Misty started her time at St. John the Compassionate Mission when she was in elementary school. Now a mom herself, she animates the Drop-in on Fridays, and the Women-and-Mothers group on Thursdays. She lives near Good Neighbours, and brings a quiet but strong presence.

Mary has lived in Scarborough since 1999, and lived in the Middle East before coming to Canada. Originally from Sri Lanka, she is a social service worker, and speaks Sinhalese, Tamil, Arabic, Hindi, and of course English. She likes to travel a lot, and enjoys cooking and conversations.

Lizeth is a resident of Scarborough, and a full-time student in a college program in social work. Originally from Colombia, she joined our team this summer. She speaks fluent Spanish, and has a real heart for people who come from diverse backgrounds.

Asha is the daughter of the daughter of Joanna, who first came to St. John’s Mission over 35 years ago, and who even now runs the Mission’s drop-in downtown. Asha is a full-time student at a local Scarborough high school, and will be with us for the summer. She has lots of experience leading youth groups.